From The Authority's Desk

Always Loved Never Forgotten Forever Missed

Born on March 26, 1930, Mr. M.P. Gupta was the longest serving President of Shri Kundan Lal Trust until he passed away on March 5, 2020.

He graduated from DAV College Jalandhar in 1945 topping the university. He went on to do his post graduation in Maths. He also cleared his IAS and Allied Services exams and topped the same. For two years he taught Mathematics in a college in Delhi. He retired as Director, Railway Board Ministry of Railways, in 1988. He has been a guiding force of Kundan Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School Ludhiana for more than 60 years and Kundan International School Chandigarh since its inception.

Mr. M.P. Gupta embodied KVM's mission through his long and selfless service to the school. A staunch supporter and tireless advocator of the students and staff, he believed that for a country to be strong it has to have educated people. He loved interacting with young people; he liked contributing to their growth; he liked instilling knowledge in them and equipping them for a place in society. Under his leadership through the decades, KVM School changed dramatically into a school with the state-of-art infrastructure. His vision and leadership completely justified his passion reaching far beyond the traditional parameters. A champion of the educative power of the arts, he was instrumental in the inception of 'Sur Sangam', giving a platform to scores of students with a flair for music. Staff development was at the core of his heart and he invited teachers for a regular discussion in manners of curriculum and pedagogy. It reflected his desire to make subjects relevant to the pupil's lives and to escape traditional specialisation. He was always prepared to share his own cogent views on any educational topic that arose. His energy was relentless and inspiring.

Mr. M.P. Gupta's tireless commitment to the field of education and his constant motivation will always be greatly acknowledged and admired. We pay our heartfelt tribute to the great soul.

From the President's Desk...

Dear Students,

It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this message for you. This has been a very sad year so far. First we all lost our mentor, Mr. M.P. Gupta, a person who cared for you all and this institute more than anything else. He was devoted to our school as he was very passionate about education. All the time he was trying to find new and innovative ways to uplift this institute.

Now it is Covid-19, the most devastating virus, which seems to be destroying this planet. Another virus known as 'Spanish flu' came a hundred years ago and killed millions of people worldwide. But this is more deadly. Why has it come? It is because the human race has been destroying nature for the last many years. It led to global warming which has changed the patterns of our climate due to destruction of the environment. It has had a negative impact on the world. Humans have destroyed forests, wild life, polluted rivers and other water bodies, resulting in the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This has led to melting of glaciers, thawing of frozen ground that lies just below the surface in Siberia. Consequently, it will result in rising of sea level, which has risen more in the past 100 years than in the previous 1000 years. It will lead to cyclonic storms all over the world like 'Tsunami'. Hurricanes will destroy land, wild life and human life. There are already fires in the forests and earthquakes. If melted ice and rising sea water will flood the fields, it will lead to the proliferation of micro-organism which would further result in the spread of diseases. If the sea level rises too much then the earth may submerge in it.

The only way to stop it, is to restore nature by planting more trees, and let forests grow. This will give natural habitat to wild animals and birds. We should stop polluting rivers and other water bodies with industrial waste. Keep our atmosphere and air clean and fresh. Stop cluttering the earth with plastic waste. Otherwise, epidemics like Covid-19 will destroy us. Each one of us has to make an effort and contribute towards it. Let us to-day take a pledge to restore nature back to its original form.

Now a word about the partial shut down situation you are in. You have to take advantage of this situation. Think of it as an opportunity to spend time with your parents and siblings and hence have better bonding with them. Now you have time to learn and develop various skills for which you have a liking and aptitude, like painting, music, photography, cooking etc. You can read books, play board games and do regular exercise. Along with all this do not neglect your studies.

I wish to conclude my message on a happy note by congratulating our Principal Mrs. Navita Puri and her entire team along with the students for their outstanding performance in the CBSE Board. I wish that they outshine this year's performance in the next academic session.

(Mrs.) Vijay Gupta


Shri Kundan Lal Trust


From the Chairman's Desk...

While the whole world is entrapped by the pandemic-COVID 19, I feel lucky to be fit and safe and what adds to my happiness is sharing my mind from this platform with my dear Kundanites.

The whole world has come to a substantial slow down after experiencing almost a complete halt. The virus is making all of us feel so helpless and miserable! I personally take all miseries as a turning milestone and this pandemic is for sure a turning milestone in the lives of all of us and is expected to bring about a lot of changes in our lives.

Since time immemorial, emphasis has been laid on the importance of remaining in consonance with the Mother Nature and the time has come that we start taking this fact very seriously. This brings to my mind the age old theory of Charles Darwin "THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST". In today's scenario it is completely apt, wherein the human beings who will be physically and mentally fit are likely to be happy and satisfied people. My dear students and teachers everything has changed dramatically during the past few months, be it the life style, mode of education and every other little thing for that matter.

We all at KVM have to fight this pandemic as a family and get through it. My dear students and teachers, Undoubtedly it is a struggle, especially for the young aspiring students since the mode of education has changed all of a sudden, atleast for the time being from direct contact to online learning. The parents of our students also deserve appreciation for their instant adaptation to the new method of teaching which I am sure will also help the parents, students and the teachers alike to develop a new and sustainable bond to meet the new challenge of education in the future too. Our teachers are putting in their best foot forward to ensure that the students are imparted education in the best possible manner through the online medium. The Management of KVM too, as always, is committed to provide quality education during this period of difficulty. I am a strong believer of the fact that education is not only about reproducing that you memorize, during the examination but a continuous process of learning. To me, this learning never ends. Good education encompasses good moral values, superior human skills, team work, good human behavior and character.

I salute the spirit of "IT'S ALWAYS POSSIBLE" of our learned teachers who have always risen to the occasion and have worked relentlessly with passion, complete sincerity and commitment to achieve the goals of education mentioned above. I am in no doubt that but for the hard work and sincere dedication of our staff, both teaching and non-teaching, it would not have been possible to withstand the test of times and grow to the stature we have as an institution today. In the current situation where thousands of people are losing their lives to the pandemic every day, we should feel blessed and thank. The Almighty for giving us all a chance to stay healthy. When the whole globe has been turned upside down, let's keep our fingers crossed and keep counting our blessings! It's the right time to come together and understand as to how big and precious human life is and how small technology is!


V.K. Goyal


KVM Managing Committee


From the Desk of Secretary Sh. Kundan Lal Trust

Dear Kundanites,

The last several months have been disorienting for all of us. COVID-19 has profoundly disrupted the lives of people worldwide. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and countless others live in fear of both the virus and its economic consequences.

I cannot help but ponder over the times of pre-independence wherein riots broke out in our nearby localities, as they did across the country. Then, like now, our nation was hugely polarized, and we desperately struggled to find common ground that might unite us. At the time, hope was in short supply. It seemed difficult to imagine how we would move forward, but we did. As I think about the challenges that we face today, I return again and again to what I believe :

"I believe in the goodness of the people of this country - and in their resilience;

I believe that all of us, whatever our race or ethnicity, want a better life for our children;

I believe that our strength as a nation is due in no small measure to our tradition;

I believe in the Indian Dream;

I believe in the Constitution, as our forefathers perceived it;

I believe that one measure of the justness of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members;

I believe we must provide opportunity to those who may not encounter it on their own so that they may achieve their full potential; and

I believe in the power of knowledge and ideas to change the world, of science and medicine to defeat disease, of the arts and humanities to illuminate the human conditions."

This is just some of what I believe. I hope you will pause during these troubled times to ask what you believe. Even more importantly, I hope you will find the strength and determination to act on your beliefs to repair this scenario that we are grappling with. Those of us privileged to work or study at a place like this bear special responsibilities.

Humanity needs people who are willing to devote themselves to asking questions, hard questions, sometimes even uncomfortable questions - people who are willing to work hard to perfect this imperfect world that we inhabit - people who care more about others than about themselves.

You are those people. And when we gather in person sometime later - when we have a chance to relish all the pomp and circumstance in one another's company that we cannot do today - we will want to know how you are helping to improve the lot of humanity - where you've been and where you think you're going.

Your school, as it turns out, does not pull the long and winding train behind it. No, that long and winding train which you've now joined, pushes the entire world into the future.

Good luck to each and every one of you!

These are times that will test our resilience and our grit, lets show the world what we can do and achieve!


Ashwani Kumar

From the Manager's Desk...

Hello My Dear Young Friends,


I am glad to write to you again through the Kundan Jyoti and like to share my learnings with you. Last year, I talked about changing oneself and leading others to change for a better world around us. Now I will speak to you about a value that will help you to achieve it.


Persistence is voluntary continuation of a goal-directed action in spite of obstacles, difficulties, or discouragement.

Try, try, try, and keep trying till your goal is achieved.

To achieve goals like being the Best in class or in a Singing Competition or on the Cricket ground, you should be studying and learning different skills. But talent alone may not give you success. The world is full of unsuccessful talented people and unrewarded geniuses But those who are 'Persistent' and 'Determined' will be successful.

Persistent and determined - They are omnipotent

Abraham Lincoln - The 16th President of United States of America, who abolished slavery in his country, faced the loss of both his parents at a young age and later the death of his fiance. He failed in business twice, had a nervous breakdown and he was defeated in 8 elections. And yet he inspires many people because he tried again and did not let these obstacles break him. Today, his legacy is that of a President against whom all his successors are judged.

Amitabh Bachchan - The superstar of Indian Cinema has struggled hard to make his place in Bollywood. His unconventional looks and tall height became a reason of rejection there. He even faced rejection as a radio jockey due to his, deep voice. He finally worked in the film 'Saat Hindustani' and also gave 9 flops continuously. But after the film Zanjeer in 1973, his persistence took him on the track of success and prosperity.

JK Rowling - The author of Harry Potter Series was rejected by 12 publishers. Rowling persisted and a small publisher gave her a tiny advance and published 1000 copies of her book. Today more than 40 crore copies of Harry Potter books have been sold. She summed it up as 'I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right."

Nelson Mandela - The first coloured President of South Africa served 27 years in prison but never gave up on his fight for freedom and equality. When he was eventually released, he became President and ended apartheid.

Thomas Edison - The Inventor of Electric Bulb and hundreds of other inventions famously said - "I didn't fail 1000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps". And "I haven't failed; I've just found 999 ways that didn't work". Also according to him, "The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time".

Never Never, Never Ever Give Up

Like many other qualities, Persistence can be practised and developed. To achieve the goal of becoming a movie star, Amitabh Bachchan used his time to learn acting skills and networking with people. Nelson Mandela did not let his vision of apartheid free country go dull and kept the hopes of an equal society alive among his followers. When you are not achieving bigger results, you should take small steps and achieve smaller goals. Work to achieve them and keep your main goal in focus.

Marvan Atapattu, one of the most successful captains of Sri Lanka Cricket team, took almost 6 years and many innings to score his second run in International Cricket but that did not stop him from trying, learning and improvising. He kept on playing matches on district, state and national levels in Sri Lanka, keeping his long term goal of playing for the country in his mind. He did not stop practising and playing at local levels. This repeated effort and improvising it every time till he achieved success is called Persistence.

Only those who persist, who try, who stay on the ground emerge out victorious like a phoenix.

I wish that you all find a purpose in life for which you are passionate enough. I also wish that you find an opportunity to work upon it and then you will truly realize your intellectual and physical capability.

Kapil Gupta


KVM Managing Committee